Without a map, your business is lost at sea.

Digital Marketing Consulting
For 2013 and beyond, a business’s ability to integrate technology into their business will mean the difference between success and failure.

Is your business tech savvy?

If you had to grade your business’s technology on a scale of 1-10, how would you score?

If you aren’t sure, here are a few simple questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is my business using the internet and our website to measurably create new customers and sales on a daily basis?

  2. Am I able to measure the amount of growth and traffic my website is getting?

  3. Am I using technology to automate and streamline my sales process. Including building better relationships with our customers?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, chances are you are probably losing thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Not only that you are probably wasting thousands of dollars in employee hours simply by failing to leverage all of the communication and automation tools that are now available inexpensively to all businesses.

Technology used to be reserved for large corporations.

In the 1950’s a computer that was about as powerful as a modern wrist watch, used to cost a million dollars, and took  up an entire office building.  Now, the cell-phone that you have in your pocket that costs a few hundred dollars has more technology than the Apolo lunar capsules that carried our Astronauts to the moon and back.

Believe it or not, technology is the great equalizer for small businesses.

The trouble is, we see many businesses try to use these systems and fail.  The main reason being… THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE THEM!

If you are like most business owners/managers, you are just too busy to sit down and learn all about successful website design, or social media for businesses.

Do you have a plan to integrate technology?

You would be surprised how many business, small and large operate without any sort of plan or road map.  Operating a business without a clear and definite plan is like setting sail with a ship full of products and no destination or plan to sell it.

If you have realized that it takes more than a bill-board and an ad in the yellow pages to succeed in 2013, then it’s time you get a plan for digital success.

Truth is, it doesn’t take as much time as you may be thinking, and can be done for very little money.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us today for a free and friendly one hour consultation.

In that consultation you will learn about inexpensive ways technology can help your business grow and succeed well into the new millenium.

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