Eco Islands, founded and operated by Colin Lennox is an award winning Enviro-tech company that came to us for help because they needed a new website and marketing strategy for their new product.


Eco Islands sells a unique and somewhat complex product targeted at a very specific industrial customer.  Colin’s revolutionary patented system is brilliant, but we needed a way to package and explain the complex process in simple terms anyone could understand.  This is where an easy to find, (think search engine) read and understand (think organized) website comes into play.

In todays digital age, your website should be at the heart or “hub” of your marketing strategy.   While there is no replacement for a face-to-face meeting and a handshake, your properly built website by 10Seven comes in at a very close second place in terms of marketing power.

Using this as our foundation, we built Eco Island’s a simple, but highly targeted website that is designed to do one thing… Inform his specific target market about the power and effectiveness of his revolutionary new product.

A website is a powerful tool and can open many doors for a small businesses, however it can be easy to get caught up in the minute and often unimportant details and features that a modern website can offer.

 Words from the boss:

colin_testimonialKyle, the brains behind 10Seven, provided insights about my website that took me two steps passed where I thought I needed to go.  From making my products appear more valuable, to measuring the traffic my website was getting, 10Seven had me covered.


Ultimately there are only three things that matter with a business website.

1. Visitors – Whether it’s your brick and mortar store, your website, or a booth at a convention, you’ll need a steady flow of the right people to see your offers/products/services.

2. Impression – On the interwebz, we use content (words,images and video) to successfully deliver your message, but ultimately the primary purpose of content is to leave a positive and memorable impression with your visitor.

3. Conversion – If the visitor is impressed or moved sufficiently, they’ll likely become a customer by placing an order directly  on your website, by picking up the phone, or stopping by your store.  At the very least, if they don’t buy today,  we want them to become a warm lead by submitting their contact details for more information about your product or other educational material provided on your website.

You can have a lot of fun building features into your website, but at the end of the day if it isn’t driving more leads, customers and sales to your business, what good is it?

When you look at the EcoIslands website, you will notice that the design is simple and straightforward.

The main purpose of the website is to immediately communicate WHO they are and WHAT they do. Your website should answer WHO and WHAT within the first couple seconds and within the top 3rd of the page. This step is critical because you only have seconds to capture the attention of your visitor.

Then, we also offer visitors a chance to learn the “HOW” by downloading the technical brief in exchange for a name and e-mail address.

This no-frills, highly functional website is often times all a small business needs to get started powerfully online.

Eco Islands Trusts 10Seven with the following:

  • Website Design
  • Website Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Sales Consulting
  • Website Hosting
  • Branded E-mail

To make a long story short. If you don’t have a website, or you’d like to get more results from your website, contact us today for a same day free estimate.