A New Look For an Old Icon.

Benzel’s, world famous for their Pennystick Pretzels trusted 10 Seven Digital for their latest round of website renovations including:

  • New Design
  • New Secure Shopping Cart
  • On-Site Photography
  • Facebook Page Setup

Benzel’s had an aging website that hadn’t been updated in a number of years.  10 Seven was able to salvage as much as they could from the old site, migrate it to the new site and make improvements, including a friendly new design and new secure shopping cart.

They now have a modern, appealing website that will provide years of reliable service.

There are many decisions one has to make when building a new site.  One of those decisions is what website framework to use.  Instead of “hand coding” a new business website from scratch often costing many thousands of dollars, it is usually much more cost effective to utilize a prebuilt framework.

It helps to think of your website framework like the structure underneath your car.

You can see the body work and the shiny paint on the surface, but if the frame isn’t any good, you’re in trouble!  We chose a Joomla! website framework for the Benzels project because of it’s flexibility and cost effectiveness.

During our consultation, Benzels shared that they needed a shopping cart so Benzels fans all over the country could place orders from the comfort of their own home.  The Joomla! framework allowed us to easily plugin a secure shopping environment that is easy to use and navigate and maintain, plus the Benzel’s staff doesn’t need to know complex programming languages to update their shopping cart.

“If you can send an e-mail, you can update your new website yourself!”

The result is an easy to use and navigate and maintain website, with an updated look and even social media integration.

If you’re in Altoona, Pa be sure and stop by their world famous pretzel bakery that was founded over 100 years ago! It’s a part of the  community and their pretzel’s are really tasty!


Duncansville Dentist Goes Digital

Dr. Brian Cioffari DDS of Duncansville, PA approached us because he was looking to grow his practice and customer base, but had  zero web presence at the time.

We built Dr. Cioffari a new dentist website that presents him and his staff in a professional, friendly light.

The website features contact information,  informative content about the office and general dental hygiene.  We also set-up Dr. Cioffari with a stage one Search Engine Optimization package to enhance his visibility in search and social media as well.

An attractive, easy to use website is important for almost any business, but a new website or social media page won’t do anything for you if no one can find it!

Most visitors and potential customers will find your site via a search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Here is where it gets tricky.

You may think most people will search for your specific business name. For example: Joe’s Pool Hall. This is true to a small degree, but think about it, when a person searches “Joe’s Pool Hall, they already have to know about your business.

Yes, it is important that when people search for your business by name, they can find you, but that is only a small percentage of the “search marketshare.”

What will benefit your business much more is to rank well for search terms like “Pool Hall, Pittsburgh PA”, or wherever your business is located.

This is a much broader search term and will lead to all sorts of new people discovering you that may not have known about your business before.

Search Engine Optimization: The process of affecting the visibility of a website's natural, (un-paid) or organic results of a search engine.

Search Engines Matter!

Because Dr. Cioffari was new to the internet, our stage one search engine package features a “search directory submission.”  This is where we submit his new web address, KeystoneDentalPractice.com to all of the major and some minor search engines.  This let’s them know that the website exists so the search engines can rank him accordingly.

Is it always that easy to have your website/business appear at the top of the search results?  Usually not. But, depending on your industry, geographic location and your business goals the amount of time, effort and money it will take to achieve this varies. If you are interested in learning about what a Search Engine Package can do for your business, contact us!

In conclusion, Dr. Cioffari now has a professional, searchable and highly visible website where potential visitors can find valuable information, schedule appointments without ever having to pick up the phone, saving Dr. Cioffari’s and his staff time and money.

Our Services for Dr. Cioffari’s Dentist office Included:

  • Website Design
  • Monthly Website Management & Hosting
  • Content Creation
  • Photography & Videography
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic Monitoring & Reporting


LumaxLighting.com Is Lighting The Future

A stubbornly all American company, Lumax has resiliently withstood the test of time and boldly embraces the future. With technological investments like start of the art manufacturing equipment and a cutting edge website, Lumax is poised for growth. We have been working with Lumax for the last three years and have helped them transform their website to become an industry leader in the digital space.

“10Seven has been instrumental in bringing Lumax’s website up to date.

Improvements have included:

  • improving user ease and speed in navigation to areas of interest.
  • bringing a fresh contemporary look to our site
  • making the brand image and message front and center
  • allowing the user to know what we can do and what we offer in a matter of seconds
  • keeping the site updated with video/pictorial/message content
  • providing tracking of user “hits” and interpreting data.

Kyle offers new ideas regularly and is very responsive. We have received very positive feedback from our sales force and customers and we now consider our site the best among all of our competitors.”

Lumax CMO – Richard Dance


Alex Seltzer Coaching

Alex, an ambitious productivity and time management coach came to Ten Seven Digital looking for help launching his new coaching business.  Alex wanted a high performance website that would help funnel leads and put his sales on auto-pilot.

We helped Alex with:

  • Website Design 
  • Branding Identity
  • Logo
  • Website Content
  • Messaging
  • Sales Copy
  • and more…

Click Here to Learn more

Garman’s Accounting & Professional Services

An accounting Website that delivers customers, and leads.  Click Here to find out more.



The Blue Spoke is a passion project by coach and public speaker Matthew Ritchey, based in San Diego, California.

Matt’s vision was to create a digital community for people looking to better their lives through facing their personal challenges and getting clear on ones life’s purpose.

In addition to promoting his coaching services,  TheBlueSpoke.com also offers info-products and a frequently updated blog that you should check out!

The Blue Spoke trusts 10 Seven Digital for:

  • Business Website Design
  • Monthly Management & Hosting
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Product Development
  • E-Commerce
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Blog & Article Writing
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Inbound Marketing
  • and more…