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“I waste half of my money on marketing. The only problem is, I don’t know which half.”~John Wanamaker

John Wanamaker – “founder of modern retail” is known for his famous quote.  A philadelphia native and entrepreneur in the early 1900’s,  Wanamaker revolutionized the retail industry with things like money back guarantees and … way back then, a previously unheard of half-page ad in the newspaper.

Even though things were very different back then, Wanamaker shared the same problem that modern businesses have.

Tracking the performance of marketing spend.

One thing John Wanamaker didn’t have that every business owner has free access to is Analytics Software.  The software is easy to install and is offered up for free by companies like google. Analytics software is a Nerd-Word for software that helps you measure and track your growth and success online.

success is measurableYour website should be at the hub of all of your marketing efforts.

Driving all of your promotions to select pages on your website is a sure-fire way to measure response, and engage with your prospects on a deeper level.

Is your website equipped to convert visitors into leads and customers?

Google Analytics is free and easy to install.  We use it on all of our client’s websites.  Operating a business website without some sort of tracking software would be like driving a car without a speedometer or a fuel gauge.  Which of-course, is just plain silly-business.

Remember that true business success is always measurable.

Get on the right track by installing Google Analytics today.

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